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Price Chopper is a chain of 136 grocery stores located in upstate NY, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut. It is operated by the Golub Corporation. Price Chopper stores offer fresh meats, delis, bakeries and seafood. The chain also offers a free AdvantEdge card for customer discounts.

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Price Chopper was using core drilled bollards in their back room. They found that the bollards were not always placed in the correct position to protect certain areas from impacts. While Price Chopper occasionally reconfigures their back rooms, the core drilled bollards being permanent, are not easily relocated, resulting in a costly remodel and reconstruction. They turned to McCue for a solution.

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After analyzing the back room, McCue decided to recommend our FlexCore Bollard. McCue FlexCore Bollards are not only tough enough to withstand punishing blows from back room equipment, but install in under 10 minutes and are removable - making relocation a snap and lowering the overall cost of installation over traditional core drilled bollards.

Result Image


Financial Impact: A typical core-drilled bollard costs about $600 when taking into account the cost of installation time and materials. A FlexCore, designed to install quickly with only three bolts, costs significantly less. For Price Chopper, relocation and ongoing maintenance became easy, saving them even more over time.

Customer Impact: Although these products are used in the back room, out of sight from customers, they impact the customer by eliminating problems that could eff ect stocking the sales floor. Brand Impact: All FlexCore Bollard post covers are recyclable - contributing to Price Chopper’s green initiatives. In addition, they help provide a safe working environment for Price Chopper’s employees.

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