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Floor-mounted Rails

The kill zone for freezers and display cases is really just five to eight inches above the ground; talk about hitting below the belt! The equipment in your store has no doubt taken a few hits. At McCue, we're not about protecting your products from taking a couple of hits, but rather extending their overall lifespan. Our floor-mounted rails are designed to keep your display cases and merchandise safe, extending the life expectancy of fixtures well past their ten-year average. McCue floor-mounted rails serve as a floor bumper or bump rail to keep pallet jacks, stock carts and floor scrubbers from causing thousands of dollars in damage. At McCue, we designed our bump rails and floor bumpers to be easy to install, saving you on contractor costs and sparing you from concrete-mounted fixtures. In addition to simple installation of floor bumpers and bump rails, we can custom-fit any of these floor rails to suit your needs.

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