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We've seen the types of damage that can be done to the corners in your store. Keep your corners safe with McCue retail bumpers. Our retail bumpers, wall bumpers and fixture bumpers are made from a choice of recycled polycarbonate or pipe. Polycarbonate is some pretty tough stuff. It's the same material used to make the windows in the White House - it's bulletproof and practically indestructible. We've even tested it in our own warehouse just to see if it is all it's cracked up to be. We ran it over with a truck and watched as it bent like a bow and arrow and absorbed the impact. Our retail bumpers come in nine stock and standard colors. We know how important your branding is to you, so we can make your bumpers match your store décor.

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Fixture Manufacturers

Manufacturers of checkouts, refrigerated cases, and store displays of all kinds use McCue bumper protect their products in the retail environment.

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Bumpers are important to retailers: they are a unifying design element throughout the store. And they expect them to be strong enough to take the occasional big hit and still look, well, smashing.

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