FlexCore Bollard


Say goodbye to the time-consuming, cumbersome process involved with installing potted bollards. With no more holes to dig, concrete to pour or metals to paint, the FlexCore Bollard can be installed in a fraction of the time and at a much lower cost without sacrificing strength.

Features and Benefits

How the FlexCore Bollard works

  • New for 2014 — A thicker core and new shock-absorbing washer combine to disperse energy from stronger hits
  • Installs in less than 10 minutes using only 3 bolts—easily removed or relocated
  • Patented, energy-absorbing design withstands impacts without damaging the concrete
  • Never needs repainting and is available in yellow, black or custom colors to match your decor


Diameter 131 mm (5.1″), height 1370 mm from FFL

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