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Types of Material Handling Equipment

From machines that recycle wood waste to conveyor belts and forklifts, warehouses have many types of material handling equipment. For this reason, the systems your organization puts in place to protect workers must also be varied. Keep reading to learn about the material handling equipment and safety devices commonly found in warehouses and similar workplaces.


Types of Material Handling Transport Equipment

Material handling equipment helps move goods between short distances around a warehouse to improve the efficiency and productivity—all while maximizing profits. There are four categories of warehouse transport equipment that aim to achieve these goals, each with their own unique functionality.


Chute conveyor
Wheel conveyor
Roller conveyor
Chain conveyor
Slate conveyor
Flat belt conveyor
Magnetic belt conveyor
Troughed belt conveyor
Bucket conveyor
Vibrating conveyor
Screw conveyor
Pneumatic conveyor
Vertical conveyor
Cart-on-track conveyor
Tow conveyor
Trolley conveyor
Power-and-free conveyor
Sortation conveyor


Jib crane Bridge crane Gantry crane Stacker crane

Industrial Trucks

Hand truck
Pallet jack
Walkie stacker
Pallet truck
Platform truck
Counterbalanced lift truck
Narrow-aisle straddled truck
Narrow-aisle reach truck
Turret truck
Order picker
Personnel and burden carrier
Automatic guided vehicle

Avoid Warehouse Equipment Hazards with McCue

Improper use of material handling equipment like the ones listed above can be a true hazard for both the people working in the warehouse, as well as your property and inventory. Between preventing damages to the infrastructure and accidental injuries, installing safety solutions around your inventory and property can reduce these risks significantly.

McCue’s line of material handling safety products aim to prevent accidents and equipment damage. With innovative designs and shock-absorbing technology, our solutions prevent the worst-case scenario from occurring, all while being dependable and easy to install.

See for yourself how our proven safety solutions keep your investments, employees and patrons safe from all types of material-handling equipment.

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