Bumper Posts

It's time for a better bumper post. The FlexCore Bollard from McCue will safeguard your most important assets with a revolutionary design that's strong, yet flexible. Position them around columns, inventory or entrances. You'll have peace of mind knowing that in the event of an accident, not only will your property be protected — your employees will be, too. Request a quote today!

The Bumper Post Reimagined

Bumper Posts and Bollards

A bollard is a bollard, right? Not exactly. Your typical steel or concrete bollard is buried in the ground and cemented into place. When a vehicle bumps into it, it's going to cause damage. While it will block anything from getting past it, it could dent the vehicle and crack the floor. Not to mention you'll probably have to repaint it or replace it completely.

The FlexCore Bollard was developed to address the common problems associated with standard bumper posts. Instead of damaging everything that hits it, the FlexCore is designed to flex and bend when impacted. It absorbs and redistributes energy within its core so your property remains unharmed. 

Watch the demo:

Installation couldn't be easier. The FlexCore bollard can be bolted directly into asphalt or concrete. Three anchors are all it takes—no major excavation project needed.

Once in place, the high-tensile steel core, shock absorbing load ring and impact-dampening hardware takes the brunt of direct hits. The unique HDPE outer shell rotates to deflect sideswipes. It's available in black and caution yellow and won't ever need to be repainted. There's no exposed hardware, either, so there's nothing to trip over.

It's no wonder FlexCore was named a finalist for Best Innovation of an Existing Product in 2014 by the Material Handling Industry of America (MHI).

Innovators in Material Handling Solutions

McCue works with businesses around the world to provide cutting-edge solutions to the material handling industry. We pride ourselves on creating products that make warehouses safer. We've got all areas of your warehouse covered.

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