Meijer is a family-owned grocery chain operating in the Midwest. Meijer operates 204 stores throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. The supercenter stores offer groceries as well as departments such as fashion, automotive, home decor, health and beauty care, pharmacy, electronics and banking.

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All of the case ends in the grocery side of Meijer stores were being significantly damaged. During store assessments with Meijer’s store maintenance personnel, it was determined that on average each store was spending between $1,500 to $5,000 per month replacing case ends, which translates to $225,000 per month spent on case end replacement chain wide. McCue also discovered that Meijer’s design team felt that our standard blow-molded corner guards were too bulky and took away from the overall appearance of their stores.

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After completing store damage assessments at nearly every Meijer store, it was determined that almost every case in the grocery area was receiving some type of damage to the case corners. The damage was being inflicted by the floor cleaning crew during nightly cleaning operations. After taking into account the concerns of Meijer’s design team, it was decided that the best solution for the damaged cases was to install McCue UniGuard 26”. UniGuards have had a flawless record of protecting a case without failing for three years. UniGuard is now included in all specifications and plans for every new store and remodel at Meijer.

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Financial Impact: Each store receives approximately 85-90 units per store ($4,500 total per store). According to Meijer’s calculations, they are saving $225,000 per month in case repairs since switching to UniGuard. ROI is accomplished within 3 months. McCue has UniGuards placed in almost every store in the Meijers chain as a result of the cost savings credited to the removal of repair costs on the case ends.

Customer Impact: The cases look clean and inviting and there are no jagged edges for customers to cut themselves or catch their clothing on.

Brand Impact: The UniGuards simple design essentially goes unnoticed - allowing for full protection without sacrificing design aesthetics, making it a win with Meijer’s design team.