Schnuck Markets operates 100 supermarkets in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Most are combination food and drugstores, which sell dry groceries and packaged foods, over-the-counter drugs, baked goods, seafood, produce, meat and deli products. Ninety-five stores have in-store full service pharmacies.

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Damage to the inside of dairy coolers was plaguing Schnucks. Expensive vertical LED lighting strips were being broken and cooler walls were being pushed out from wheel-mounted dairy racks. In addition, shopping carts were slamming into the outside cooler doors causing exterior damage. Schnucks turned to McCue for a solution that keeps dairy racks away from LED lighting strips, eliminates impacts to cooler walls, and protects cooler doors on the sales floor.

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Inside the Cooler: Due to the fact that the racks have an extremely wide overhang and low height clearance for the wheels, the solution had to be set back from the wall, but allow for close merchandising of the product to the cooler doors for ease of reach for customers. McCue suggested CartStop Box Rail for the solution. The rust-free galvanized finish coupled with the low leg option allowed us to keep the railing system low to the ground.

Outside the Cooler: Since the cooler doors facing the sales floor were excessively long, almost touching the floor, McCue needed to propose a product that was low-profi le in design, tough enough to handle blows from shopping carts, and not interfere with the operation of the doors. We decided to use CartStop Stainless Steel Rail with a shortened leg - allowing the doors to open above the rail, and keep shopping carts from impacting the doors.

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Financial Impact: Each strip of LED lighting is very expensive, averaging a couple hundred dollars each to replace. Damaging the wall of a cooler is an extremely costly repair - at several thousands of dollars. One Schnucks location used only about 20’ of product both inside and outside the case at a cost of only $700.00. A very economical solution.

Customer Impact: By using the combined solution both inside and outside of the case, there is no impediment to the customer with opening the dairy case door, or reaching in to retrieve merchandise.

Brand Impact: CartStop Stainless Steel Rails ties in nicely with Schnucks overall store decor package.