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T&T Supermarkets incurred damage to their Hussman refrigerated case bumper while deep in the process of remodeling their stores. It was determined that a cost-effective solution was needed.

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McCue proposed supplying T&T with custom extruded replacement bumper for their Hussman cases, using McCue’s Field Services Team to perform the installation - guaranteeing that the product would be installed correctly. McCue’s total package resulted in saving the customer a significant amount of cost, as well as the headache of dealing with multiple vendors.

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Financial Impact: With a budget of $10,000 - $15,000 for replacement bumper, McCue’s solution cost T&T less than $8,000. In addition, having our team on site led to discoveries of improperly placed corner guards that may have cost the customer more money in damages down the road.

Customer Impact: All cases look new and inviting - just like the rest of the store. Plus, no sharp, jagged edges from shattered bumper for customer to cut themselves on.

Brand Impact: The store appears more modern and clean. The bumper also ties into the aesthetic look of their newer store formats - without the cost of a full remodel.