Weis Markets, Inc was founded in 1912 and today currently employs approximately 18,000 associates. We have a long standing history with our community and local growers. Their mission is to deliver an exceptional shopping experience by offering the best service, value, quality, and freshest products while being good stewards of our environment and giving back to the communities we serve.

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Weis Markets was having problems in the area between the back room and sales floor. Stocking equipment used to move product to and from the sales floor was hitting walls and leaving a trail of damage in its wake. With this destructive traffic damaging the two main areas of the store, Weis Markets needed a solution fast.

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Since most of the damage was being caused by stock equipment, McCue proposed a solution that would keep equipment with varying base deck heights off of the walls, as well as absorb the heavy impact of a fully loaded stock cart or pallet jack. We recommended the very durable CartStop RE with heavy duty legs. Not only can CartStop RE take the hit, but it is removable for easy cleaning. Once installed, damage in these noticeable, high traffic areas decreased significantly.

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Financial Impact: Weis Markets spent $1,900 on damage prevention products and installation costs. Their walls and cove base in this high traffic corridor are now protected - saving them money on future repairs.

Customer Impact: Since this access area is open to the sales floor, it is imperative to maintain the clean appearance associated with Weis Markets brand, to ensure continuous customer satisfaction.

Brand Impact: CartStop RE’s brown PVC cover is a nice complement to the beige walls and brown accent trim - blending into the overall decor theme of Weis Markets.