Woodman’s Market is a convenient one-stop, grocery-shopping destination offering huge varieties and much lower prices than these other grocery stores and super box operators. It's an employees owned company vesting in the success of the company and it's employees.

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Woodman’s stores are approximately 200,000-250,000 square feet in size and are “heavy” users of moving product on the sales floor with pallet jacks, stock carts and buggies. After years of protecting their cases, shelves, and walls with chrome posts at key pivot angles, they continued to experience damage along all other areas “not” protected by the chrome posts. Walls were being gouged, refrigerated cases, panels and splash guards were being torn apart, fixture bumper was being worn down to the substrate, and wood and metal merchandising shelves were sustaining damaged all over the store. Even with their own maintenance team servicing each Woodman’s location, the level of damage that was occurring required them to call in some help.

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Originally we presented a small number of stores with McCue’s RE floor mounted railing system in black with both 12” and 18” stainless steel corner guards to match what they were currently using - with the added benefit of removability for easy cleaning. Immediately store managers from other locations were impressed with the product and wanted it for their stores. After achieving positive results and comments of great satisfaction from our test stores, we received our first full McCue to You print request for the Menomonie Falls store location in Wisconsin.

During this time, McCue successfully developed a new RE2 Rubber Corner which we presented to Woodman’s. This revolutionary product would allow them to eliminate corner guards, giving an even cleaner look throughout the store. Upon piloting the new corner guards to high praise - Woodman’s is now officially rolling out the RE2 Rubber Corner in all their McCue protected stores.

woodmans result


Financial Impact: Since Woodman’s is a privately held ESOP, specific numbers are unobtainable. Given that all of their stores are grocery markets with millions of dollars in refrigerated cases in each store, the preemptive cost of damage protection greatly outweighs the maintenance costs of repairing cases, coolers, shelving and walls. The total cost of protecting the refrigeration cases throughout the store came in at about $50,000 per store.

Customer Impact: The cases look inviting and new - conveying a feeling of cleanliness to their customers. Plus, no jagged metal edges from damaged cases which could cause potential injury to customers.

Brand Impact: Since all of McCue’s products are non obtrusive and blend into their surroundings, focus will be on the merchandised product and surrounding aesthetics of the store design.