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Product Development Services

Safety Products Designed With You, For You

Our experts will design solutions to solve your most challenging safety problems. 

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We Obsess Over Safety Problems

Innovative safety products are created at the source of the problem. 



Our safety engineers will conduct a thorough investigation to identify the root of the problem. Once we fully understand your pain points, then we start generating ideas of potential solutions.



Creativity is in our bones. It’s part of us. It’s what drives us. We’ll walk with you through our creative process as we design solutions.



No one knows your operations and your brand like you do. That’s why we don’t design in a vacuum. We’ll present updates throughout the design process to get real-time feedback.



McCue products are tested and certified. You can count on that. But testing doesn’t end in the lab. Our product launch process begins with trials and pilot programs to make sure we hit the nail on the head and that you’re happy with the results.

100% Designed In-House

Your business and operations are constantly evolving and so too are your safety demands. That’s why our team continuously innovates to stay at the forefront of safety.

We approach every safety problem with a listen-and-learn mentality. Before we draw conclusions, we strive to first understand. This starts with a combination of interviews and observations.

Ready to design something together? We are.

Our Design Principles




Our products are built to solve your specific issues, and we make sure they do that and exactly that! You get purpose-built solutions to solve your problems at the best value.



Our products are rigorously tested both in-house and at 3rd party testing labs. You get the peace of mind that our products work, and we have the test reports to prove it!



McCue products are synonymous with quality, and we have the highest standards of quality and a global network of quality auditors to guarantee it. If it’s McCue, you know it works.

Let's start designing solutions to solve your most challenging safety problems today!

Recent Design Innovations

Here are a few of our latest innovations – all created to solve our customer’s most pressing safety problems.
Need help? Let us know and the product we design together might be next on this list!

Additional Services

Safety Engineering Services

Should your CrashBarrier be rated for 10,000J or 15,000J?  Does your building require S10 or S20 CrashCore Bollards?

Specifying the correct product in the proper place can be a daunting task, but don’t worry — we’ve made a science of it!  Meet the McCue Print, a personalised safety blueprint designed specifically for you.

Installation Services

Our products work best when installed properly, so leave the installation up to us. Who better to install safety solutions than the company that designed them? 

At McCue, we rollout and install solutions for some of the biggest brands in the world across thousands of sites every year. Sit back and leave the installation to us!

Ready to design something together?
We are!

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