At McCue, we’re absolutely obsessed with shopping science. We offer damage prevention products and services to keep your store damage-free and looking good as new. We approach the retail space the same way an electrician would approach live wires, by conducting careful surveys of your sales floor. From here, we find ways to extend the life span of your refrigerators, checkouts, corners, display cases and doors. We know the types of damage that can be done in high-traffic areas of your store, and it is our job to keep them safe. We begin our work by assessing your store, drawing up a comprehensive blue print, or “McCue Print” as we call it, and providing you with a detailed account of ways in which we can improve your store. We then provide damage prevention project management guides for all of our products, and ongoing support for easy maintenance. McCue’s damage prevention products and services are designed to provide you with the best equipment to keep your store safe. By using only the best materials, our products save you a fortune in equipment repairs and help keep every corner of your store safe and clean. At McCue, we put all of our brainpower into outsmarting a shopping trolley. It’s not rocket science; it’s shopping science.