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Safety BOLLards

Crash-Tested Bollards Save Lives

ASTM F3016 crash-tested safety bollards are third-party certified and proven to keep your people safe.

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What's a Crash-Tested Safety Bollard?

Crash-tested safety bollards are safety barriers that have been impact tested by an accredited third-party testing lab to an international safety standard. 

That means they're proven to stop vehicles from crashing into places like storefronts, restaurants and public spaces. Crash-tested bollards provide protection and save lives

Did you know?


People are injured and nearly 500 people are killed each year from vehicle-into-building crashes.**

**The Storefront Safety Council

Meet Our Crash-Tested CrashCore Bollards

We offer a complete family of crash-tested safety bollards with various ASTM F3016 certifications so you can select the bollard best-suited for your storefront, distribution centre, or public space.

Our bollards are certified to stop a 2,268 kg vehicle travelling at 10 mph, 15 mph, 20 mph and 30 mph.

ASTM F3016 Crash-Tested Bollards

CrashCore Bollards are ASTM F3016 certified and have been crash-tested by an independent third-party crash test lab. That means proven performance and reduced risk.

Crash-tested CrashCore Bollards feature a proprietary high-strength steel core that absorbs impact energy and attenuates shock — so the bollard redistributes the impact load instead of transferring it to the ground or the vehicle.

Yeah, they can take a hit, and they’ll look good doing it.


Product, Placement & Install — We Do It All!

CrashCore Bollards have a simple core-drilled installation — we even provide the rebar! These bollards are a complete kitted solution that can be installed in less than an hour with minimal site disruption. 

Safety matters, so get it right the first time. All CrashCore Bollard installers are certified so you know the bollards will be installed correctly. We’ll handle the entire installation from start to finish or we can certify your preferred contractor.

Our proprietary technology and installation process saves you time — and money!

Sleek Style with Endless Cover Possibilities

Don’t sacrifice style for safety when you can have both. Our CrashCore Bollards are every designer’s dream. Personalise our crash-tested bollards to meet your unique style without compromising strength.

From modern brushed stainless steel to polymer covers in endless colours to complement your brand, we’ve got you covered. We’ve even created a stainless steel safety fence version with built-in bollards − perfect for protecting outdoor diners.

CrashCore — stopping power with style.


Safety Is No Accident!

With CrashCore Bollards, you keep your people safe.

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