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Safety Solutions 

We Create the World’s Most Innovative Safety Solutions

Experience the McCue Difference

Designing innovative solutions with our listen-and-learn creative process, we'll solve your toughest safety challenges. Let us show you how!

Protecting Retail Stores to Distribution Centre Floors & Everywhere In Between



Retail Safety Solutions

Keeping your stores safe, operational, and clean is top priority — and we're here to help!

We protect your people from accidents and prevent costly damage in all areas of the shopping experience: the car park, sales floor and back of house.

From bumpers and corner guards to bollards and signs, our industry-leading products work hard and look darn good doing it. With our total safety solution, your stores look as good in year three as they did on day three.

When you choose McCue, you’ll have the peace of mind that your stores and your people are safe!

Your Stores — Protected by McCue!

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Industrial Safety Barriers

We make industrial spaces safer!

As distribution centers and manufacturing facilities grow and get more advanced, so too do their safety risks. We’ve engineered the most advanced and innovative industrial safety barriers on the market – all designed to keep your people safe and facilities operational!

We combine engineered polymers, steels and elastomers to create shock-absorbing systems that absorb impact energy like airbags for your forklifts.

We’re experts in all aspects of protection: pedestrian walkways, racking, conveyors, columns, and doors — you name it, we protect it. Oh, and we’ll lay it out and install it too! We’re your one stop safety shop.

When sh*t happens, our sh*t works. Choose McCue and keep your people safe!

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Crash-Tested Bollards

Crash-tested bollards prevent storefront crashes and save lives.

Every year, 20,000 — yes, 20,000! — vehicles crash into buildings, and yet these accidents are completely preventable. Introducing the future of safety bollards: The CrashCore Bollard.

Tested to ASTM F3016 and certified by a 3rd party lab, CrashCore Bollards are more than just barriers — they're a total safety solution. They're super easy-to-install, have endless cover designs and keep your people safe.

Storefront crashes happen every day so don’t wait until it’s too late. 

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Safety Solutions Start with A Safety Assessment

Connect with your safety experts today

Experience the McCue Difference


The first step to every McCue project: listening. You know your safety problems better than anyone else. Through listening and asking targeted questions, we work to fully understand your challenges before we draw conclusions.


McCue products are 100% designed in-house with quality and attention to aesthetics. Our team has a diverse background in manufacturing technology so we can solve problems the best way possible − not just the way it's been done.


Our innovative materials are sourced from 180+ manufacturing partners in 10+ countries. That means we can throttle production seamlessly to match demand, we have redundancy to minimize risk, and our customers receive the best value.

total safety solutions designed with you
total safety solutions designed with you