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Innovation center TESTING

Industry-Leading Product Testing 

Innovative safety solutions tested under real-life conditions and rigorous standards


Experience the McCue Difference

Designing innovative solutions with our listen-and-learn creative process, we'll solve your toughest safety challenges. Let us show you how!

We test our products to their limits — to keep your people safe

We design and execute tests because our safety barriers save lives. Through thorough and repeated testing, we go beyond industry standards to ensure our products work throughout their lifetime. 

We invite you to see the process for yourself! Watch video streams, tour our Innovation Center, or request a live demo — we'll walk you through our comprehensive testing process.

McCue's Testing Lab Ensures Ample People Protection
McCue's Testing Lab Ensures Ample People Protection

Keep Your People Safe

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Explore Our Innovation Center

Our in-house testing provides constant innovation and improvement. From ground conditions to impact angles, we focus on recreating conditions safety barriers could experience in your facility — from day-to-day hits to preventing worst-case scenario accidents. We test every McCue Safety Barrier to the most applicable standards. 

Controlled Environment

An enclosed indoor testing lab means we can test any time and create repeatable conditions

Inclined Vehicle Guidance Ramp

Optimized for creating highly precise impacts on a controlled kinetic track

Surrogate Testing Vehicle

Customizable and engineered for heavy, repeated industrial barrier impacts

Advanced Data Collection

On-board computers, lasers, and high-speed cameras provide for precise data acquisition and analysis

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The Testing Vehicle

The surrogate testing vehicle is a real-life, ultra-precise representation of your powered industrial vehicles moving at your maximum speed in your space.

McCue Testing Bogie Rendering

Vehicle Mass
Engineered with a variable mass from 4,000 lb to 26,000 lb, we can add or remove weight to match the mass of your trucks and forklifts

Impact Velocity
We can fine tune velocity to replicate varying types of collisions from 1 to 15 mph — matching real life speed and weight creates the most accurate conditions

Data Acquisition
Equipped with a high-precision Data Acquisition System (DAQ), we measure 3-axis acceleration curves at 10,000 Hz to determine pass/fail

Impact Striker
With changeable front impactor plates, we can adjust contact geometry and heights to mimic real-life impact points

Want to see a live test?

Request a live demo from our Innovation Center Safety Experts today!

State-Of-The-Art Equipment

From high-speed videos at 40,000 frames per second to charts of impact accelerations, we use state-of-the-state technology to accurately analyze and confirm results. This includes:

  • Inclined Ramp with Vehicle Guidance
  • Surrogate Test Vehicle
  • Industrial Winch
  • Remote Releases and Brakes
  • Self-Leveling Lasers
  • Timing Gate Speed Trap
  • High-Speed Camera
  • Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera
  • Aerial Drones
  • Mounted Action Cameras


Learn more about our Innovation Center!

Explore our Innovation Center and testing process in this FREE infographic download.

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What Quantifies Pass or Fail?

check Circle

Pass Result

A maximum dynamic penetration of up to 24 inches behind the guardrail or post (whichever is greater) is recorded as a passing result

X Circle

Fail Result

Any penetration beyond 24 inches is considered too far of an intrusion into the safety zone, resulting in a failed rating

Watch Live Innovation Center Tests

See our testing first hand 

Setting the standards for Innovative Safety Solutions.

We invite you to learn more about the highest standards of Safety Barrier technology and testing.