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Original Thinking, Original Products

Designing products isn't our job - it's our passion. It's what gets us out of bed in the morning. Drives everything we do. And makes us look at things like bollards, bumpers and cart corrals in a whole new way.

Our design approach begins with understanding your problems and your available solutions. Then we draft a detailed and thoughtful design brief that serves to navigate us through the project. Now the fun part: designing a product that solves your problems in a way you never thought possible.

Here are some examples.

Material Handling
FlexCore Bollard: A Smarter Bollard Problem:

Traditional steel bollards - core drilled or plate mounted - bend or break under impact, often cracking the floor and harming the forklift or reach truck in the process.


Taking a scientific approach to the problem, we created a revolutionary new surface mounted bollard that deflects and absorbs an impact from a 9000lb forklift without cracking the concrete floor, damaging the forklift or scratching the paint. Our patented FlexCore Bollard was highlighted as one of the most innovative products at MHI's MODEX conference in 2014.

Pedestrian Barrier system: Safer, More Durable Problem:

Standard safety railings made out of steel can bend under impact from moving equipment, creating a need for repair or replacement. Plus, exposed mounting hardware is a dirt collector and tripping hazard.


Working closely with facility managers, we developed our state-of-the-art Pedestrian Barrier System featuring an energy absorbing design that can withstand an impact without needing repair. We also concealed the mounting hardware in the uprights. And its modular design allows for easy reconfiguration.

Cart Magnet: Better Basics, Better Looks Problem:

Conventional shopping cart corrals for retail parking lots were hard to see, which reduced voluntary shopping cart returns. In addition, they were made out of small-gauge, galvanized pipe that rusted and bent under impact, with a ground frame that posed a tripping hazard to customers.


To increase visibility, we designed an overhead crossbar with a prominent sign positioned at the front of the cart corral. As a result CartMagnet™ earns its name by greatly increasing voluntary shopping cart returns. In addition, the tripping hazard caused by the ground frame is eliminated and the increased diameter of the galvanized pipe makes the CartMagnet™ a stronger and more durable cart corral.

Stainless Steel Bumper: The Designers Choice Problem:

A bumper used to protect checkouts and display fixtures in a retail store is typically made of extruded plastic, is half round in shape and has a profile of 1"-2". The look is over 30 years old and the space its profile takes up is becoming a problem, as stores get smaller.


We created our stainless steel bumper system to respond to the need for a new aesthetic. With a low and wide profile that's supported internally with a unique mounting base, Stainless Steel bumper system is able to take the same hits our plastic bumpers take without denting. And the contemporary, sleek, seamless look is an instant hit wherever it is used.


Our Design Values

At McCue, these values are near and dear to our hearts and you'll find them in every product we create:

User Friendly

Our products are installed and maintained by people who appreciate ease and simplicity. Our products are designed to make everyone's day better.

Strong, contemporary aesthetics

We feel every one of our products must be a visual improvement to the environment in which it is used.

Built to last

While our products may be depreciated over 3-5 years, they are expected to last much longer than that -- often in high traffic and physically demanding environments.


Sharp edges may save money in fabrication, but not if someone gets hurt. We design all our products with safety in mind to minimize the risk of injury.


Our products are designed with flowing lines to avoid crevices and horizontal surfaces, which can collect dirt and bacteria. Everyone deserves a clean, healthy workplace and shoppingenvironment and we take our role in that seriously.


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