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At McCue, we understand the need for a tidy parking lot. The parking lot is the first place your customers see when they come to your store, and we know first impressions are key. That's why our cart corrals are made to be attractive to your shoppers. At McCue, we've done surveys of customer behavior, and have actually measured how far customers would walk to return a shopping cart. Accessible cart corrals ensure voluntary cart return, keeping your lot organized. Using this data, we are able to assess your lot and make suggestions of strategic placement of cart corrals. We build our cart corrals to be highly visible, and branded with graphics and logos in custom colors to keep up with your store's image. You can even accessorize your cart corrals with add-on garbage cans and bumpers to keep lots clean and cars from causing damage. We know that your landlord doesn't want you tearing up his/her parking lot, which is why our cart corrals are designed so that they're not cemented to the ground, but are sturdy and stable enough to withstand heavy weather. We offer both open and closed units, each with a small surface area so they're sturdy, but flexible enough to move if a car were to strike one of them.

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