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12 Tips to Prevent Retail Loss

The four most common reasons for retail loss are shoplifting, employee theft, emergency situations and negligence. Check out these 12 easy retail loss prevention tips to see what preventive measures you can take to protect your business from profit loss.

12 Tips to Control Shoplifting and Store Security

Shoplifting and Employee Theft Protection

  • Increase visibility in your store by controlling all inventory and by installing mirrors throughout the shopping area
  • Have a shoplifting policy on display for all customers to see upon entering the store
  • Have locked areas around your store where employees are the only ones with access, so that shoppers won’t have access to merchandise in unguarded areas
  • Locate the registers towards the front of the store, or near the exits and entrances

Preparing for Emergency Situations

  • Invest in a security system, including alarms and cameras, and make sure employees know that it’s in place whenever the store is closed for business
  • Reinforce and display a comprehensive emergency response plan, so that customers and employees know how to react during a crisis
  • Train employees on how to respond to any emergency situation, including fire and medical emergencies
  • Purchase business insurance to protect your investments in the case of a robbery or natural disaster

Negligence Prevention

  • Make sure all racks and shelves are securely reinforced to walls, columns and other solid structures
  • Train employees to record shipments and orders correctly to prevent profit loss
  • Keep all walkways clutter-free and clean so customers don’t damage inventory or property
  • Add retail barriers and guards to keep inventory safe from vehicles and shopping carts

Retail Loss Prevention Solutions From McCue

Whether it’s caused by theft, crises or accidents, business owners should take all preventive measures to ensure that their inventory, property and customers all exist in a safe environment. Following these tips should help reduce retail loss, but constant vigilance can take these tips even further.

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