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Beyond Rubber Wall Bumpers

PVC wall bumpers are a great option when it comes to protecting the walls and fixtures in your business. They’re stronger than rubber bumpers and can be made in a variety of colors to match your brand. Contact McCue to request a quote today.

CartGuard 1 Flex Bumper

The CartGuard 1 Flex Bumper from McCue is the perfect solution for protecting curved fixtures, such as service counters, cashier stands and walls. This 1″ bumper is designed to provide you with flexibility and variety. In fact, the Cart Guard 1 Flex has the largest range of capabilities, color options and accessories flexible bumper on the market.

Other features include:

  • Strength and durability – The flexible recycled PVC flattens on impact to minimize the damage from direct hits.
  • Speedy installation – The bumper is designed to snap together for quick and easy implementation.
  • Innovation – This one-of-a-kind bumper can wrap around radii as small as 4 inches.

Shop the Cart Guard 1 Flex Bumper from McCue.

CartGuard 2 Flex Bumper

The CartGuard 2 Flex Bumper is a 2″ flexible PVC bumper that is designed to work with curved walls and retail fixtures. It boasts the same flexibility and durability as our Cart Guard 1 Bumper, but offers 200% more surface area for greater visibility and protection.

Other benefits and features include:

  • Variety – This bumper is available in a variety of colors and accessories.
  • Innovation – The thickness of this bumper doesn’t affect its ability to wrap around curved fixtures with radii as small as 4 inches.
  • Strength and durability – The recycled PVC flattens to reduce the stress from impacts.
  • Easy installation – All pieces snap together for a quick and easy installation

Shop the Cart Guard 2 Flex Bumper from McCue.

More Wall Bumpers from McCue

McCue offers a stainless steel bumper that protects walls and fixtures while preventing fingerprints, and GreenGuard bumpers that are 100% recyclable. If you need something stronger, check out our sales area rails, too.

Shop our entire line of bumpers. Then contact us to request a quote.