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Solar Means Business: Incorporating Solar Power in Your Parking Lot

The verdict is in: re-claim your empty parking spaces for alternative energy. As many global corporations take the plunge of investing in solar energy (like this list of Top Commercial Solar Customers).

Some states, like Connecticut, have funded research into alternative energy options like solar canopies, which provide shelter and shade over parking lots, which fueling the area with beneficial power. These state-funded credits have incentivized people to integrate solar technology into business — and the trends continue to grow. 

Here are the top 5 reasons to get in on the solar-powered signage game:

1. Save Money, Save the Planet

After initial spending, solar power is a carbon-neutral option that can save on long-term return on investment because of its energy efficiency. Reducing energy usage means a lower company footprint, environmental impact, and reduced daily energy costs — aka it's good for the planet and good for business. 

Solar powered lighting also wins on installation and overall maintenance costs. Installing traditional light posts means digging trenches to run electrical wiring beneath the pavement and it's limited in where it can be placed. 

McCue BumperSign Solar-Light to dark-Comparison

With a solar sign — no matter the layout of your parking lot — it can be placed anywhere and does not require the same power-grid consideration as traditional signs do. Because of its independent battery and easy installation, no digging or power lines are required. Plus, it can be installed in less than an hour. With electrical components fully assembled, a solar-powered sign is easy to turn it on.

To sweeten the pot, solar power has been further incentivized by state-wide or city-wide financing made available to help companies convert more power to solar or renewable energy sources.

2. Long-Lasting Battery & No Maintenance

Once installed, a solar sign, like BumperSign Solar, will continue to charge itself. In sunlight, the solar panel will capture and convert sunlight into battery power. With its high-efficiency LED technology, the battery will power the sign for up to 5 nights without receiving a charge. 

Designed for all conditions within the US, BumperSign solar endures all elements and will turn on every night. It's got a hardy aluminum construction and shock-absorbing base, this sign can withstand impacts and look good for years. It also requires little to no maintenance because of its self-draining design for snow and rain.

 BumperSign Solar How it works-2

3. Extend Your Brand to the Parking Lot

Another common roadblock for solar energy has been the aesthetics themselves. However, compared to an asphalt parking lot, solar options provide a futuristic and energy efficient solution to parking areas.

Effective and illuminated signposts can provide easy directions for customers and it extends your brand throughout the parking lot — especially with the customizability of branding. With custom signage and a clean aesthetic, your customers will have an improved shopping experience.

We will partner with you to design custom signage. Contact a safety expert and chat through your branding needs. 

BumperSign Solar


4.  A Better Online Pickup 

In hand with online pickup programs, highly visible signage provides that extra "oomph" to a curbside pickup option. You can mix and match your solar-powered signs with other signs for curbside pickup, and it creates better organization and attention to traffic flow. 

Take the opportunity to make curbside pickup the best possible experience for your customers. Our modern products — with key hidden technology — will keep your people safe and happy while they pick up. Let us handle the safety process for you — check out retail products and turnkey services.  

Let's talk curbside safety

Meet Your Safety Expert


5. Safety & Navigation

Brightly lit signs make navigation and safety easy. BumperSign solar creates a beacon of light to show people where to go — ranging from way-finding signage, to pro pickup, to making accessibility needs easy (like mother with pickup options and more.)  

Create a well-lit, safe environment in your parking lots at night. Even in a power outage, these signs keep working. With light sensors, they come on automatically and don't require timers. You will always have visibility for your customers and employees, security cameras, and your building and surrounding parking lot. 

Let's talk curbside safety.
Chat with a safety expert and get solar-powered signage in your parking areas.

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