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How Can You Prevent Storefront Crashes and Improve Safety? Meet McCue's CrashCore Bollard.

The easiest-to-install crash-tested bollard, CrashCore is now available for purchase! Over year-and-a-half of design and testing has proven that this product can protect storefronts from vehicle-into-building accidents by stopping stray vehicles dead in their tracks.

 CrashCore with McCue


PEABODY, Mass.Feb. 13, 2019  -- Leading damage prevention experts, McCue announced the release of their CrashCore Bollard. This crash-tested bollard will be released globally, available on February 11, 2019 for purchase and installation.

Through thorough design and testing, the McCue team has perfected this bollard to ensure its installation efficiency and guarantee its car-stopping strength. Crash tests have proved a single CrashCore can stop a 5,000 lb vehicle traveling up to 20 mph; While an array of bollards can stop vehicles up to 30 mph.

The General Manager of the Safety Bollard DivisionThomas Ustach, says, "We designed this product because we understand the seriousness of this problem. 20,000 crashes into buildings, that's too many, especially when it's so easily preventable."

Studies by the Storefront Safety Council show that vehicle-into-building accidents happen 60 times a day, with 4,000 injured annually, and as many as 500 killed as a result. This impacts where people work, shop, and eat. CrashCore Bollards are built with strong materials known for durability and endurance, and are designed to keep people safe.

They were also designed to be easily installed because McCue knows what their customers want and need. Ustach says that's what separates McCue from their competitors.

"Our CrashCore Bollard is different than others in the market. It's easy to install, looks great, and is certified through third-party crash testing. In just one night we can install a safety bollard system that gives our customers peace of mind knowing that their stores are protected, and their people are safe."

McCue, a company with 31 years of damage prevention experience, has roots across the world. With offices in the U.S.,China, and the UK, the company's main purpose is to make retail spaces and distribution centers work better and safer. Their innovative products are what make them leaders in the industry, and why customers continue to choose them for all their safety needs.

If you would like more information about this product, please contact McCue's Safety Bollard Team at (978) 219-5282 or email SafetyBollard@mccue.com


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