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Grocery Cart Corral

Grocery cart corrals from McCue help put carts in their place. We’ve been creating retail asset protection products—including shopping cart solutions—since 1988. We’ve designed our cart corrals to provide you, your employees and your customers with an easy, visible place to park grocery carts. Contact us for more information today!


Grocery Cart Corral

Grocery carts sometimes have a mind of their own. Cart corrals prevent carts from blowing across the parking lot and damaging cars. And when carts are put in their proper place, your employees can spend less time gathering them from all corners of the lot. Here are some of the solutions we offer:

CartPark® Architectural Premium Covered Cart Return Station 

CartPark Architectural

The CartPark® Architectural Premium Covered Cart Return Station is not only nice to look at, it’s also engineered for durability. This grocery cart corral invites your customers to return their carts and keeps your parking lot looking clean and stylish. Features include:

  • Premium design – Sleek look adds to the visual appeal of your store
  • Engineered strength – Tested to withstand heavy snow loads and winds up to 130 mph 

  • Surface-mounted – No need to drill holes in your parking lot

Learn more about the CartPark® Architectural Premium Covered Cart Return Station.




CartPark® Covered Cart Corral

CarPark Covered Cart CorralThe CartPark Covered Cart Corral® is a great way to give your customers a place to park their grocery carts while incorporating your brand’s colors into your parking lot layout.

  • Colored bumpers – Help customers easily find the cart corral and entice them to put away their cart. Bumpers are also made from high-impact polyethylene which is gentle on car doors, reducing reports of damage. 

  • Surface mounted – Enjoy flexible placement and say goodbye to drilling holes in your parking lot

  • Angled top panels – Allow rain to run off easily. Plus, you can add custom branding to the panels.

    Learn more about the CartPark® Covered Cart Corral.  



CartPark® Bumper Cart Corral

CartPark Bumper Cart CorralThe CartPark® Bumper Cart Corral not only provides your customers with a convenient place to park their carts but also prevents them from scratching their vehicles with brightly-colored bumpers on each side. Other features include:

  • Visibility – It’s easily seen over large SUVs and mini-vans

  • Patented top-lock construction – Its stabilized overhead eliminates parking lot tripping hazards

  • Simple design – Assemble your CartPark® Bumper Cart Corral in minutes

Learn more about the CartPark® Bumper Cart Corral.


Discover More Grocery Cart Corrals from McCue

At McCue, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with innovative retail products. Our grocery cart corrals are designed to withstand weather and wear, stand out in busy parking lots and save your company money by reducing operating costs. 

To see all of our grocery cart corral options, check out our entire catalog.