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Grocery Store Safety Products | McCue

Grocery store safety should be a top concern for operators and managers. Supermarkets can pose several hazards for customers and workers. Learn how to keep them safe from the most common types of injuries in grocery stores. Find innovative grocery store safety products at McCue.

Importance of Safety in the Grocery Store

Every department of the grocery store includes potential hazards for workers and customers. Slipping and falling, shopping cart accidents and parking lot incidents are all potential risks for grocery store employees as well as the customers they serve.

OSHA reports store owners can dramatically decrease the number of worker and customer injuries by implementing injury and illness prevention plans that identify hazardous situations and outline steps that should be taken to minimize or eliminate hazards.

For grocery store owners, a big part of injury prevention is installing products that are designed to keep employees and customers safe, such as:

  • Shopping cart corrals – When shopping carts don’t have a place to go, they can turn parking lots into obstacle courses for pedestrians and drivers. Cart corrals work to keep employees and customers safe by keeping carts in their place and preventing them from causing damage.
  • Corner guards and cart rails – Shopping cart accidents can also happen inside of the store. Corner guards and cart stops prevent shopping carts from crashing into shelves, freezer cases and cash registers, helps protect shoppers and workers from jarring impacts.
  • Child-friendly shopping carts – Children are injured in falls from shopping carts more often than you think. Buy shopping carts designed to accommodate children to prevent these accidents—and keep your youngest shoppers entertained.
  • Back room safety solutions – The back room is the most inherently dangerous area in your store. Implement safety systems that protect your infrastructure while safeguarding your employees.

McCue Can Keep Your Workers Safe

McCue offers retail products that are designed to protect your employees, customers and store assets from incidents that can occur inside and outside of grocery stores.

Get a quote on the grocery store safety solutions from McCue and put our expertise to work in your store. 




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