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Industrial Safety Railing

Industrial safety railing can make all the difference when a forklift operator makes a mistake. McCue is your trusted partner when it comes to safety assurance through quality, idea-driven solutions. Protect your employees, customers and equipment with our top-of-the-line products. 


Pedestrian Barrier—Guardrail Safety Barrier

At McCue, we believe that asset protection starts with your people. Our Pedestrian Barrier—Guardrail Safety Barrier protects people from heavy equipment buzzing around your facility. This advanced protective system is designed to:

  • Absorb impact energy
  • Protect designated areas with the post and rail system
  • Accommodate any space of any size with a modular design

When we tested the durability of our industrial strength Pedestrian Barrier guard rail, we found that the lowest tested Pedestrian Barrier Post can withstand an impact “equivalent to a 6,500 lb vehicle at 2.2 mph and recover to the upright position.”

Use the Pedestrian Barrier wherever you need to separate people from dangerous equipment. Clearly designate pedestrian walkways and areas. And rest easy knowing it will protect for years without costly maintenance.

This video highlights the protective power of the Pedestrian Barrier guardrail: 


Protect your infrastructure from damage with our heavy-duty zinc plated steel BoxRail. Stocking, pallet movement and foot traffic can wear down your facility. With our BoxRail installed, you never have to worry about damage as a result of mishandled carts, forklifts or pallets.

Features of our BoxRail include:

  • Modular design and easy assembly
  • Impact-resistance tested to 2,500 ft/lbs
  • Self-threading concrete anchors fix the BoxRail to the floor
  • Can be used for exterior and interior applications

McCue Values Safety

Our products protect for years. We strive to be your trusted partner and ensure the safety and total asset protection for your products, people and equipment. Let’s make a difference, together.

Get a quote today and start building a better, safer space for your employees and equipment.



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