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McCue Reinvents the Flexcore Bollard


McCue prides itself on being the best at innovation, taking products far beyond the ordinary. Capitalizing on 25 years of experience in damage protection, the McCue team has pioneered the first impact resistant and shock absorbing bollard. The result, the FlexCore Bollard, was named a finalist for Best Innovation of an Existing Product in 2014 by the Material Handling Industry of America (MHI). McCue will unveil the FlexCore Bollard—along with the rest of its High Traffic product line—at the MODEX expo in Atlanta, Georgia on March 17-20.


The McCue team stepped into the shoes of the customer to engineer enhancements into the FlexCore Bollard that would meet real customer needs. Until this point there have been only two available options, core-drilled or plate-mounted bollards. Installation of the common core-drilled bollard requires digging massive holes and cementing the pipe in place, a costly hassle for the user. It has no give, so often a blow creates cracks and breakage in the concrete. The plate-mounted bollard bends on impact and stays permanently bent. Its exposed hardware is not only a tripping hazard, it also collects unsightly dirt buildup. These solutions seemed more harmful then helpful, so we reengineered the whole concept.


Leading the revolution, Product Design and Engineer Manager Thomas Ustach wanted to pack the FlexCore with the type of technology found in high-performance aircraft and military vehicles. The core of the FlexCore Bollard is a high-strength spring-steel post attached to an industrial shock absorber. It's a bollard with a sleek complexion and a fighter jet finish. The steel post is topped off with a rubber load ring that allows the yellow cover to rotate, flex, and rebound upon impact—protecting the bollard and whatever impacted it.  To top it all off, the bollard is installed with only three fixings and all the hardware is hidden. Its design completely eliminates costly installations, tripping hazards, and unwanted dirt buildup.

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