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Safety Bollards: What Are They and Where Do I Need Them?

You know the adage, “there’s a time and a place.” Well, when it comes to safety bollards, McCue has their own: “There’s a place and some space.”

Crash-tested safety bollards are safety barriers that have been impact tested by an accredited third-party testing lab to an international safety standard. 

That means they're proven to stop vehicles from crashing into places like storefronts, restaurants and public spaces. Crash-tested bollards provide protection and save lives

A Place

Crash-tested safety bollards are the first line of defense against accidental impact from vehicles in parking lots. 

That means wherever people are...

  • At the pharmacy
  • In a convenience store
  • Shopping at a home improvement store
  • Dining at a restaurant
  • At the bank

… they’re protected.

But what exactly do we mean when we say these bollards are “crash-tested”? And how do they protect people?

Unlike the untested, unrated bollards designed for low-impact collisions, CrashCore Bollards are ASTM F3016 certified and have been crash-tested by an independent third-party crash test lab.

At the testing lab, these bollards were hit with a vehicle to ensure stability, durability, and efficiency — and passed (with flying colors!). McCue’s CrashCore Bollard line can stop vehicles traveling up to 30mph from crashing into buildings and other structures. 

While high-security bollards are typically found at government-type facilities and used for more deliberate attacks, storefront safety bollards — like CrashCore Bollards— are used in everyday areas to protect people. Where there is a constant flow of customers, an accidental press of the accelerator could be catastrophic without the use of bollards.

In addition to the superior strength and durability of CrashCore Bollards, there is another element to this bollard business: placement expertise and know-how.

Some Space

Accessibility and traffic flow are equally as important as durability when we’re talking safety bollards. And there is a bit of a science to how much space is needed between each one.

To be effective and uphold the highest safety standards, the bollards must:

  • Take up enough storefront space to ensure the entire area is protected
  • Placed at a width where no vehicle can get through
  • Remain far enough apart to maintain accessibility for all

At McCue, we understand the requirements and we are the experts. We’re leaders in storefront safety and protection — and we’re here to help keep people safe where they live, eat, and shop.

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