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Safety Tips For Working In A Distribution Center

A distribution center can be one of the most dangerous places to work. In fact, the warehousing industry sustains a high number of fatalities every year.

But those statistics can be drastically reduced just by following some simple safety advice. Here are some safety tips for working in a distribution center.

Tips For Staying Safe In A Distribution Center

Helpful tips to keep you and your people safe:

  1. Always wear protective clothing including hard hats, gloves, vests, masks, belts, eyewear, and proper footwear.
  2. All areas should be kept clean and free of debris.
  3. Treat aisles the same way you would a busy street. Look both ways and always stay alert when crossing or going around corners.
  4. Never attempt to operate any machinery without the proper training.
  5. When unpacking materials, immediately dispose of any debris to prevent slips and falls.
  6. Empty trash cans before they overfill.
  7. Be careful when lifting heavy objects on your own. Use tools that can help instead.
  8. Inspect ladders before each use.
  9. Do not sit on or lean against stacked material.
  10. Know the weight restrictions for all storage racks and lifting mechanisms.
  11. Avoid wearing baggy or excessively loose-fitting clothing.
  12. Always stack heavier objects on the bottom of piles with lighter objects on top.
  13. Make sure emergency exits are clearly marked and you know the quickest route to safety from any location in the facility.
  14. Know where first-aid kits and supplies are kept.
  15. Immediately report any potential safety hazards to supervisors.

McCue: Making Warehouses Safe

At McCue, making warehouses a safe place to work is our job. Our line of asset protection solutions enhances the safety of employees, machinery, and inventory alike. The end result is a safer, more efficient, and more profitable business.

Check out our catalog of warehouse safety products and contact us to see how we can make your facility a safer one.

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Originally published September 2018.