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Say Goodbye to Maintenance Costs: The Value of Bumper

  Have you been left feeling penniless by maintenance costs associated with damages on your refrigeration cases, fixtures and checkout stations? Before any work begins, it costs you $200 for a repair team to simply walk through the door. Unfortunately, this scenario happens far too many times a year and becomes a black hole in your budget. Maintenance dollars add up quickly—and you begin to daydream of all the ways you could better allocate that money.

Well, stop dreaming. Typically, bumper adds only about 1% to the initial purchase price of your fixture, casing or checkout. That small investment is proven to save store managers hundreds, sometimes thousands per year in maintenance costs.

This blog post will walk you through how Bumper saves money and extends the life of your assets. When we’re done you’ll be ready to say goodbye to maintenance costs for good. Let’s get started...


Bumper Saves You Money
It’s really quite simple.  A 1% investment on bumper eliminates thousands of dollars in maintenance costs per year. Take a look at the graphic below that shows the average replacement and maintenance costs compared to an upfront investment in Bumper.


Purchasing bumper is similar to investing in a $15 protection case for your iPhone to avoid repair or replacement costs.  Fixtures, checkouts and casings are even more costly to fix or replace. Even more of a reason to make sure they’re properly protected.

Bumper Extends the Life of What it Protects
Many of our customers saw the life of their retail fixtures and checkouts more than double once they added bumper. The average life of these fixtures is 1-2 years without bumper and many lasted up to 7 years once protected with bumper. Bumper is strategically placed at specific impact points where most damages occur. Our retail, wall and fixture bumpers are all made from recycled polycarbonate which is bulletproof and practically indestructible. Watch the Bumper Impact Test here to see for yourself.

So You’re Ready for Bumper…
There are a few different ways to get bumper spec’d or placed on your fixtures, refrigeration casings and checkouts. You can always order bumper directly from McCue. But also, many architects, designers and fixture manufacturers can order bumper for you or integrate it on your initial order with them.

• Ask your fixture manufacturer about bumper.
• Be sure to specify bumper for your store renovation or new build with your architect and/or designer.
• Order Bumper directly from McCue’s dedicated bumper experts.


Checkout what you should consider when purchasing bumper.

Download the Bumper Buyer's Guide and receive...

  • What to look for in a Bumper purchase

  • Vendor checksheet to compare Bumper vendors

  • How to identify the proper protection based on your assets

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