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Say No To Concrete-Filled Steel Bollards

The only reason you’re looking for concrete-filled steel bollards is that you haven’t yet discovered the FlexCore Bollard from McCue.

The FlexCore is an innovative alternative to the steel and concrete bollards of the past. Consider the many advantages the FlexCore has over traditional concrete-filled bollards and then request a quote today.


FlexCore Vs. Concrete-Filled Steel

It’s smarter. 
As the name suggests, the FlexCore flexes on contact to absorb energy and redistribute the energy from an impact. At the core of the bollard is a tensile solid steel rod with a shock-absorbing load ring mounted firmly into the floor. Contact the bollard and watch it flex to soften the blow. The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) outer shell rotates on sideswiping impacts to deflect energy.

In testing, the FlexCore bollard withstood a perpendicular force of 12,995 pounds. That’s more than the combined weight of three Ford F-150 pickup trucks!

It’s safer. 
Because the FlexCore bollard bends, flexes and rotates upon impact, it’s a more reliable solution for both equipment and people alike. Collisions are made more forgiving, which means damage is limited and injuries are minimized.

It’s easier to install.
With the FlexCore, you can forget about digging holes and pouring concrete. You’ll install this bollard in a fraction of the time, and you’ll do it with less hardware. Just drill three anchors directly into a concrete or asphalt surface.

It’s more durable. 
Concrete-filled steel bollards require a fresh coat of paint from time to time to cover up the dings, scratches and chips. But the HDPE cover of the FlexCore requires no maintenance and will look brand new even when it’s not.

It’s more affordable.
Concrete-filled steel bollards cost more than what the price tag shows. Expect to pay additional labor costs for installation and recurring maintenance.

Contact McCue for a quote to find out how much you can save with the FlexCore Bollard today.