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Shopping Cart Accidents

Most people wouldn’t consider shopping carts to be a danger. After all, there’s no motor or controls involved, and it seems like the one you grab always has a broken wheel on it.

But believe it or not, shopping cart accidents are a real problem … and are on the rise.

Consider the following statistics involving children ages 15 and younger who were injured in shopping cart accidents between 1990 to 2011:

  • 24,000 children are injured in shopping carts every year, an average of 66 per day
  • Over 70% of injuries result from kids falling from the shopping cart
  • Head injuries account for 78% of all injuries
  • The number of head injuries more than tripled between 1990 (3,483) and 2011 (12,233)

Keeping Children Safe In Shopping Carts

There are things parents can do to help cut back on the frequency and severity of shopping cart accidents.

  1. If utilizing the child seat, make sure your child is seated with his or her legs completely through the holes. Fasten the seat belt.
  2. Make sure the child’s legs are placed through the leg openings and that the safety strap is used.
  3. Refrain from placing occupied baby carriers in a shopping carts.
  4. Do not allow children to ride in the main compartment or underneath the cart.
  5. Do not allow children to stand up in a shopping cart.
  6. Do not leave children in a shopping cart unattended.

Bean Double: McCue’s Shopping Cart Solution

Safer carts can prevent accidents. At McCue, we improve the shopping experience by designing child-friendly carts that not only enhance safety, but also make trips to the store more enjoyable for parents and kids alike. Check out the benefits of our Bean Double:

  • Low-to-the-ground design all but eliminates the chances of falls that result in injury
  • Recessed seat and safety belt prevent children from leaning out of the cart
  • Multiple colors and themes make shopping entertaining for youngsters
  • Less stress means more profits for your store—up to 20% more per trip

Keeping Your Business Safe

Just like the safety of children can be in jeopardy in shopping cart accidents, so too is the safety of your store’s infrastructure. And just like there are ways to keep children safe from such accidents, there are also ways to protect your property from shopping cart damage. We can help with that, too.

Our retail solutions safeguard your walls and other infrastructure from the dents, chips and scratches that can be caused by shopping cart accidents.

And if cars are damaged by unsecured shopping cart corrals, your store could be held liable. Our shopping cart corrals reduce the number of runaway shopping carts, keeping your customers, employees, vehicles and building safe from damage.

Contact us for a quote today to practice safe shopping. 




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