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Keep Employees Safe: Storefront Safety Bollards Save Lives

The safety of employees should always be top of mind for businesses. Unfortunately, storefront crashes can present a risk to employees and customers, making it essential to protect both groups with the right safety measures. One such measure that can be used is the installation of storefront safety bollards, which can create an effective barrier between pedestrians and oncoming traffic. In this blog post, we will explore the issue and the role of storefront safety bollards in ensuring employee protection and the importance of protecting employees from storefront crashes.

The Growing Threat of Storefront Crashes

It’s hard to believe, but the Storefront Safety Council reports that storefront crashes happen roughly 100 times a day, injuring up to 16,000 and killing as many as 2,600 people annually. Over the past decade, storefront crashes have become an escalating issue. The rapid growth in urban population and the rise of distracted driving have contributed to a surge in these accidents. A national convenience store chain has reported there is a huge repeat occurrence of storefront crashes, averaging one crash a day into their buildings. The frequency of accidental storefront crashes is often enough that it calls for business owners to take the matter seriously. The good news is these crash incidents are avoidable with the right safety measures in place which includes installing our crash tested ASTM F3016 bollards.

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The Impact of Storefront Crashes on Employees and Business

Storefront crashes present a substantial and concerning risk to the safety and well-being of employees. These incidents occur when vehicles, whether by accident or intention, collide with the front of a building. The consequences of such crashes can be severe, resulting in injuries and, tragically, even fatalities. A particularly vulnerable area for employees is the check-out stations. Usually stores are designed where check-out stations are closer to the parking lot, which enhances the higher risk of an employee getting hurt in a storefront crash. 

The damage inflicted by these crashes can lead to collapses or compromise the structural stability of the building. The aftermath translates to significant expenses, including cleanup and construction costs- plus the loss of business hours during the rehab period. Adding to the burden are the legal costs that businesses may have to bear. 

In addition, storefront crashes can attract negative press attention. This can magnify the situation for businesses by linking them to employee injuries and work stoppages. Companies must recognize the potential dangers and proactively implement measures to safeguard their employees and premises. 

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How to Avoid Storefront Crashes & Protect Your Employees

Taking action to secure storefronts, improving safety protocols, and ensuring employees are well-trained in emergency procedures are crucial steps to mitigate the risks associated with storefront crashes. By prioritizing safety businesses can better protect their employees and maintain their reputation during a major accident. 

Implementing safety measures like installing strong safety bollards is an effective way to create a safer work environment. Our crash tested bollards can stop vehicles up to 5,000 lbs, serving as a physical barrier against intentional and accidental crashes. Integrating safety bollards into storefront protection plans demonstrates a commitment to employee safety and risk reduction.

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