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Warehouse Layout Design | 3 Essential Solutions

Your warehouse layout design should include structural features that protect your people and goods. A safely designed warehouse will reduce long-term costs and improve service and daily operations. Bollards, barriers and guardrails are integral to the safe layout of your warehouse design.

At McCue, we protect your warehouse assets from every angle. Connect with us today to request a quote.

Planning For Warehouse Layout Optimization

When it comes to warehouse layout design, precision is key. Streamlined solutions will account for speed and safety. Your company needs space to perform daily activities such stocking and receiving items, breaking down pallets, inventory assessment and more.

No matter what your storage and operations requirements are, it’s important to ensure that your warehouse design is OSHA compliant. After you’ve collected data, assessed your storage space and created a detailed project plan, the required safety measures will keep your employees and your goods protected for years to come.

3 Facility Safety and Design Solutions

At McCue, we create many of the features that protect the structural integrity of your warehouse. Here are three structural solutions that improve any warehouse layout design.


Design your warehouse with equipment safety in mind. Traditional steel bollards can sometimes damage flooring and forklifts and put your assets at risk. Our FlexCore Bollard is a smarter, surface-mounted bollard with energy-absorbing features. It rotates on sideswiping hits and absorbs impacts from 9000 lb. forklifts without cracking your concrete flooring.

Barriers and Guardrails

Our Column Guards provide shock-absorbing protection and cushion to protect forklift drivers and the columns holding up your goods. A great addition to any warehouse design, our Column Guard can fit a variety of column sizes.

Other rail and barrier protection products include:

Rack Protection

Our shock-absorbing Rack Guards are a proven way to protect your warehouse pallet rack columns from forklift and jack damage. Long-lasting, zinc electroplated finishing means you never have to worry about rust or corrosion.

Other rack protection products include:

Design Your Warehouse Layout With McCue Products

Optimized warehouse design starts with McCue. We value exceptional customer service and look at your business from every angle. From the top of the shelves to the bottom line—you’re always covered.

Get a quote on any of our products today.




OSHA: https://www.osha.gov/Publications/osha2236.pdf