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Warehouse Safety Products

A warehouse is a dangerous place. The combination of heavy loads, high stacks and fast-moving equipment is the perfect storm for the numerous injuries and even fatalities that happen every year in warehouses all over the world.

Fortunately, there are ways to minimize these dangers. For one, warehouse employers can enforce stricter safety guidelines by which workers can abide. And second, companies can invest in warehouse safety products.

McCue has designed an entire line of products that make the material handling industry safer. We solve common problems with innovation and research. Find out all of the ways your can bring Total Warehouse Protection to your business.

Warehouse Safety Starts With McCue

One of the biggest dangers of working in a warehouse is the heavy inventory that’s often stacked to the ceiling. Just the smallest bump from a forklift, pallet jack or other piece of equipment can cause these stacks to fall. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, around 8% of all forklift-related fatalities are the result of falling material.

One of the best ways to protect against this kind of accident is with our warehouse safety products. Just some of these include:

  • Crash Barriers – Surround inventory on all sides with an impact-absorbing steel frame
  • Pedestrian Barriers – Keep employees separated from heavy or fast-moving machinery
  • Column Guards – Protect drivers from impacts with heavy steel or concrete columns
  • Rack Guard – Safeguard your pallet rack columns from equipment mishaps. Use in conjunction with our Rack End Protectors
  • Bollards – Our flexible bollards better absorb impact to protect drivers and machinery alike.
  • Goal Posts – Get total door protection that installs easily and stops damaging hits from heavy equipment.

Check out our full lineup of warehouse safety products and contact us to make your warehouse a safer place today.




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