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Damage Prevention Products for the Adaptable Warehouse

easeIt’s that time again—you need to maximize efficiencies, streamline operations and re-organize your warehouse. It’s a process that all facility managers are experiencing with the introduction of new technologies and increasing demands for shorter ship times.

You’ve got a plan and a timeline, and are fully prepared to start reconfiguring the warehouse—when you’re suddenly stopped in your tracks by permanently installed damage prevention products.

Your core-drilled bollard is about to destroy the concrete when the contractor removes it. Forget about re-using it in the new layout, there’s no way it will survive being uninstalled… not to mention it’s been dented and chipped and looks terrible anyway.

It’s not just the bollards, you look around the warehouse and realize it’s the rack guards, the column protectors, the pedestrian guard rails—and that slab of concrete you poured to protect your expensive machinery. In order to complete the reconfiguration, all of this needs to be removed and it’s adding up to be a tall, expensive task.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With the advancements made to warehouse operations and layouts, damage prevention products have advanced too. Innovative solutions have been developed and they are easy to replace, remove and install. To keep up with your ever-changing warehouse look for products that are: 

Easy to install

  1. Less is more. A product that can be installed without a contractor digging holes or pouring concrete is a sign it will be easy to remove later. See how simple a bollard installation can be in the video here>>
  2. It’s all about the fixings! Make sure your products are installed with engineered fixings that only a small fillable hole behind.

Easy to remove

  1. When faced with a warehouse changes due to the introduction of new technology like AGV’s modular systems make it easier to remove parts and re-arrange as needed. Take a look at this crash barrier that can be removed in certain sections based on traffic flow reconfiguration>>
  2. Clean warehouses are a safer more efficient place to work. Easily removable products allow for simpler periodic cleaning routines, eliminating the potential for dirt and grime buildup. See more on the importance of warehouse cleanliness in 5 Enhancements That Make a Difference in Warehouse Cleanliness>>

Easy to replace

  1. Damage prevention products do a great job protecting what’s important: your people, equipment and facility. Sometimes in the process these products get damaged and need to be replaced. Paying a contractor to do so every time is costly and time consuming. Easily removable products eliminate the middle man and give you the ability to uninstall it yourself.
  2. Sometimes damage prevention products just need a repair. The ability to order replacement parts saves you from pulling out an entire bollard when all you need is a replacement cover. See the replacement bollard cover here >>   
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