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What is a Bollard?

What is a Bollard

A bollard is a strong, vertical post mounted in or in front of a parking lot, facility or storefront that acts as a safety barrier to protect pedestrians, property and products from vehicle-into-building crashes. 

Even if you’ve never heard of the word bollard, you’ve come across these structures before.  Originally, bollards were found on ships for the purpose of mooring boats.  Now, these sturdy and resistant devices are found everywhere.  Bollards are placed for protection on manufacturing floors, alongside roads and in front of stores and hospitals.  These structures serve to protect people and property from attacks perpetrated by cars, trucks and other large vehicles.  Bollards appear to be large poles mounted in the ground — but these structures aren’t just for decoration;  bollards are unique safety devices that exist to prevent personal and property damage, including injury and theft.

CrashCore Bollards are Certified Safe! 

Since 2005, McCue has been an industry leader in developing safety bollard products.  Offering a unique take on the security structure, McCue's CrashCore Bollards are more than just sturdy metal poles.  Aiming specifically to prevent accidents and save lives, the CrashCore technology is ASTM F3016 certified to stop 5,000 pound vehicles traveling up to 30 mph. 

McCue's CrashCore Bollards have been put through the wringer to ensure the ultimate safety and protection for your building — but more importantly, your people.  The McCue team doesn’t just say that their CrashCore Bollards are safe, they've proven it.  The patent-pending design has faced numerous rigorous safety tests.  The results of these tests have ensured that the CrashCore Bollards can stop a vehicle of up to 5,000 pounds, traveling up to 30 mph.  Tested and proven to meet and abide by the latest safety standards, this state-of-the-art design is F3016 certified by ASTM International.

McCue understands that accidents happen.  That’s why CrashCore Bollards are designed with both the driver and pedestrian in mind.  Comprised of a shock-absorbing, high strength steel core encased in a synthetic rubber damper, bollards by McCue are able to absorb some of the initial impact energy.  This technology allows the bollard to prevent damage and protect personnel.

The CrashCore Bollard Design

Safety comes first in the CrashCore Bollard design.  McCue’s bollards provide firmer resistance than the standard, concrete-focused designs. The CrashCore technology starts with a small, pre-assembled cage, which firmly bases the bollard in the ground. Taking into consideration various factors, including overall safety, McCue bollard experts are sure to select the installation option that will work best for you!  As always, safety is the core of every McCue project, so you can rest assured knowing that your CrashCore Bollards will provide your facility with optimal protection.

More than just a pipe in the ground, every aspect of the CrashCore design ensures the safety of your products, property and personnel.  The solid, high strength steel core works together with the synthetic rubber damper and sturdy, stainless steel cover to absorb impact from fly-away carts and vehicles weighing up to 5,000 pounds.  Whether a vehicle accidentally or deliberately attempts to ram into your business or facility, the CrashCore Bollards will ensure that the impact is nothing more than an attempt!  Keeping your property, products and personnel safe is of the utmost importance to McCue! 

Universal and Diverse  

McCue Corp’s bollards are prepared to withstand impact wherever you have the structures installed.  Although the primary function is to protect buildings from vehicle ramming attacks, the CrashCore Bollards are prepared for even more.  These devices are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.  You may have CrashCore devices installed:

  • Within your property’s parking lot, to direct traffic and keep both pedestrians and parked cars safe from moving carts and vehicles
  • In manufacturing facilities, to protect personnel and products from unforeseen accidents posed by forklifts and other warehouse equipment
  • Outside of storefronts, hospitals and other facilities to protect buildings from vehicle accidents and other safety risk incidents

Powerful, Protective -- and Pretty, too!

CrashCore Bollards by McCue aren’t only ridiculously tough -- these structures are easy on the eyes, too! McCue Corporation understands the value in visual branding. That’s why the design team is happy to create bollards that demonstrate your brand’s style, look and feel.  Whether you’re looking for a color that complements your building’s look or a visual that boasts your brand’s logo -- McCue has you covered!

No matter where McCue’s CrashCore Bollards are installed, you can be sure that your building and personnel will be safe and protected! Contact McCue today for more information on the latest bollard products.


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