Facility Inspection Checklist

Many workplace facilities can be made safer with the help of an inspection checklist. Regular actions such as inspections, audits, tests and preventive maintenance can go a long way toward improving the safety of any facility.

Below is a safety inspection checklist you can use for your business today.

Performing A Safety Inspection

Take a walk around your facility and use this checklist to perform a safety inspection.

Machinery and Equipment

✔  When not in use, powered equipment such as forklifts and pallet jacks are turned off, the keys are removed, the parking brake is applied and the machine is stored out of the way.

✔  All operators of machinery have undergone the proper training necessary to do so.

✔  All machinery and equipment is serviced with preventive maintenance on a regular schedule.

Fact: Machinery accidents are the leading cause of workplace fatalities.


✔  Aisles are kept clear of clutter and debris.

✔  There are no spilled substances or objects.

Fact: Slips and falls are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims.


✔  Exits are clearly marked and illuminated.

✔  Exits are not obstructed.

Fact: OSHA lists a number of requirements that emergency exits must meet or else a fine may be imposed.

Hazardous Materials

✔  All hazardous materials are properly sealed and stored.

✔  Hazardous materials are clearly labeled as dangerous.

Fact: Nearly 440,000 employees are killed by hazardous materials every year and 10% of skin cancers result from workplace exposure to hazardous material.


✔  Employees are provided with all necessary protective clothing such as safety glasses, proper footwear, gloves,          hard hats, masks and lifting belts.

✔  Employees have been properly trained on the use of equipment and emergency protocol.

✔  Employees are given adequate breaks and overtime hours are closely monitored to prevent fatigue.

Fact: Overexertion is the leading cause of workplace accidents.

Making Facilities Safer 

At McCue, we make facilities safer with our line of products designed to absorb, deflect and reroute collisions, impacts and contact. The end result is a safer facility for your employees, your inventory, your equipment and your profits.

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