General Warehouse Safety Checklist

Warehouses can be dangerous places unless owners and managers take safety seriously. By simply forming, following and enforcing a general safety checklist, you can make your warehouse a safer place for everyone.

Take a walk through your warehouse with the checklist below to perform a safety audit on your facility.

Checking Off Safety

✔ Aisles used for foot or machine traffic are free of clutter, debris and spilled substances.

✔ Employees are equipped with proper safety equipment including hard hats, protective eyewear, earplugs, gloves, masks and footwear.

✔ Areas where machinery operates is separated by pedestrian barrierscrash barriers or bollards.

✔ The warehouse is well-ventilated.

✔ Emergency exits are clearly marked and evacuation maps are posted throughout the warehouse.

✔ First-aid kits, fire extinguishers, eyewash stations and defibrillators are easily accessible and clearly marked.

✔ Any areas where employees could fall more than four feet are roped or chained off, or somehow otherwise blocked.

✔ Stairs are accompanied by hand railings.

✔ A backup power source is in place.

✔ Weight limitations are clearly marked on anything used to carry or store inventory or equipment.

✔ All exits are easily accessible and kept free of objects.

✔ Work areas are properly illuminated.

✔ All equipment is regularly inspected and preventive maintenance is performed.

✔ Work schedules are set up to ensure all employees receive adequate breaks and time off between shifts.

✔ Hot, sharp or slippery surfaces are clearly marked as such.

✔ Machinery is shut off, out of the way and properly stored when not in use.

✔ Hazardous materials are properly sealed, stored and labeled.

✔ All employees operating machinery have been properly trained to do so.

✔ The overhead sprinkler system is in working order and not obstructed.

Warehouse Safety With McCue

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