Grocery Store Problems

A grocery store isn’t just made of ice cream and discount sales. They are real businesses with real business problems. Below is an overview of four major problems faced by grocery stores everywhere.

Four Problems Faced By Grocery Stores

Grocery store problems include:

Inventory loss
Grocery stores deal with fragile inventory every day, such as fruit that quickly spoils and boxes and cans that are vulnerable to damage. In fact, the inventory shrink rate at grocery stores is more than double that of retail stores across the board.

Grocery store inventory must survive the perilous journey from the manufacturer to the store to the shelves to the hands of the consumer. This includes loading, transporting, unloading, storing and stocking—all of which leave goods open to expiration, theft, loss and harm.

Injury to employees
You may not think of a grocery store as a particularly dangerous place to work. But consider all the potential hazards: rolling equipment, messy spills, heavy lifting, sharp cutting tools and high stacks of products, just to name a few. One study revealed that 83% of non-cashier grocery store employees reported a musculoskeletal disorder over a one-year period.

Injury to customers
Grocery store customers are exposed to many of the same dangers as employees. Some of the risks to customers include jagged edges on carts or shelves, slippery floors and items falling from shelves.

Grocery stores can take a big hit when customers are injured. Defending slip and fall injury claims cost grocery stores some $450 million every year.

Property damage
Grocery store floors, walls, shelves and display cases take a beating from the everyday use of rolling machinery. Add on top of that the millions of shopping carts used by consumers that scrape, scratch and scuff infrastructure, and you’re left with some costly and recurring maintenance expenses.

The risk of damage extends to the property of customers as well. Stores have been forced to pay for cars damaged by runaway shopping carts in their parking lots.

The Grocery Store Solution

At McCue, we strive to provide solutions to these grocery store problems. Through our offerings of bumpers, bollards, cart corrals and other safety and protective equipment, a McCue grocery store is a safe grocery store.

Contact us to see how you can eliminate problems at your grocery store.




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