Retail Damage Prevention

Did you know that retail damage prevention and profit preservation go hand in hand? Having the right tools and procedures in place allows you to protect your products against accidental damage due to inventory mishandling, warehouse bumps, scrapes and unsecured shelving. Security measures such as guardrails, bumpers, shopping cart guards, bollards and even child carts ensure safety to your products, customers, employees and profits.

Retail Product Protection From Every Angle

Examine every angle of loss prevention and make a difference for your daily operations. While shoplifting and theft are a major problem, retail loss prevention plans that include damage prevention can save retailers billions. Damage control means protecting your warehouse, your sales floor and the outside of your facility.

1. Warehouse Damage Prevention

A busy warehouse makes for a profitable business, but when your goods or facility are at risk of becoming damaged, it can bring productivity to a halt. Shipping, receiving and storing your goods in an organized manner are the best ways to keep your costs low and your daily operations moving smoothly.

These damage prevention products will help keep your warehouse safe and secure:

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FlexCore Bollard – Flexible Bollard with Steel Core

Shock-Absorbing Rack Guard

2. Retail Damage Prevention

On the retail side, bumpers and rails add security to your storage and retail shelving and corners, where safe pallet maneuvering becomes the key to damage control.

These retail damage prevention products will protect your goods and help your aisles stay clear:


Bumpers don’t just protect your goods, they look great! Many feature stunning colors, sleek curves and polycarbonate durability.

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Stainless Steel Bumper

GreenGuard 2

Sales Area Corners

Our corner guards cover all the right angles. Damage due to pallet jacks, carts, floor scrubbers, forklifts and more are a thing of the past. Protect your display cases, walls and checkout lanes with a variety of shapes, styles, sizes and materials to match your business.

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UniGuard 150

Shelf Guard

Corner Guard Standard

Sales Area Rails

Custom-fit your sales area. Floor-mounted rails are a barrier to keep heavy equipment from wreaking havoc on your expensive fixtures and infrastructure.

Click on the images below to find out more about each product.

CartStop Guidance Barrier

CartStop Stainless Steel Rail 


Our carts not only protect children from falls, but they also keep kids happy and safeguarded against sharp corners and easy to reach objects.

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Bean Double

3. Outdoor Damage Prevention

Your parking lot is the perfect place to start for reducing operations costs. Cart stations are visually appealing, protect carts against the elements and can be customized to carry your company’s message. Customers will be able to spend more time shopping and less time navigating a disorganized mess.

Click on the images below to find out more about each product.

CartPark Architectural Cart Corral

CartPark Bumper Cart Corral

Retail Damage Prevention and the McCue Advantage

Over 80% of the biggest names in retail rely on our safety barriers and products every day to protect their stores, people and their brands.

Contact us today to get a quote on guard rails, bollards, bumpers, corners, cart corrals and more! Make quality retail damage prevention a part of your business.




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