Warehouse Barriers: Safety You Can Count On

With nearly three million nonfatal workplace injuries reported in 2014, we know that warehouse safety is on your mind. At McCue, we've spent several years developing warehouse barriers and other equipment to protect the safety of your employees and the condition of your warehouse or distribution center.

Warehouse Safety: Column Guards

McCue offers several products that promote warehouse safety. One safety solution is our Column Guard, which boasts easy installation, low maintenance and a modular design to ensure all of your steel columns are protected. No adaptors needed—it fits a variety of column sizes.

Column guard 

Pedestrian Barrier

If a worker loses control of a forklift, our Pedestrian Barrier will protect your equipment, products and workers from damage or injury. The energy-absorbing design directs any impact along the barrier and into the concrete. With our Pedestrian Barrier, you can breathe easy knowing that your assets are safe from harm.

Pedestrian Barrier - Guardrail Safety Barrier McCue   

FlexCore Bollard

Our FlexCore Bollard saves on installation time without sacrificing strength or safety for your warehouse or distribution center. With a patented energy-absorbing design, the FlexCore is the perfect warehouse barrier safety solution.

FlexCore Bollard is a barrier that protects your workplace and provides safety

Goal Post Door Protectors

If you’re looking for door protection that is easy to install and can withstand direct impacts from heavy equipment, look no further than our Goal Post Door Protectors. With an energy-absorbing design that protects your door frame, our Goal Post Door Protector is a valuable safety tool that is expertly designed and easy to install.

goal post door protector

Rack End Protector

To save your racks from damage, our Rack End Protector will deflect every hit, scuff and bump. Boasting zero maintenance once installed and high visibility as an extra defense, our Rack End Protector is a must for any warehouse.

McCue is dedicated to helping businesses like yours protect their most precious assets through years of experience and innovative design. 

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