Warehouse Racking Accessories

Your pallet racking is an integral part of your warehouse. Protect your investment to eliminate expensive repairs and maintenance. At McCue, we’ve designed superior warehouse racking accessories that cover you from every angle. Contact us to request a quote today.

McCue: Complete Pallet Rack Protection

McCue is revolutionizing the material handling industry after years of product development and research. Our warehouse racking accessories include:

Shock-Absorbing Rack Guard

Our rack guard will protect your pallet rack columns from heavy equipment collisions. Made of zinc-plated steel and a shock-absorbing rubber core, the rack guard has been proven to withstand an impact of 6,694 pounds. It utilizes a half-moon shape to brush off contact. It’s also resistant to rust and corrosion, so it always looks as good as new.

Choose from 10″ or 16″ models depending on your needs.

Rack Mounted Guards

If you need versatile pallet racking protection that fits a variety of sizes, our Rack Mounted Guards are the answer. Just strap them around your rack’s legs and you’re good to go. Its polyethylene material flexes upon impact and absorbs energy. It’s so strong, it exceeds the impact requirements of EN 15512.

It can fit racks from 2⅜” (60mm) to 3¾” (85mm).

Rack End Protector

Our Rack End Protector is a rugged combination of zinc-plated steel and polypropylene that dispatches forklifts and pallet jacks with ease. Its bright yellow finish stands out, and you never have to worry about maintenance. It shields your inventory from all angles.

McCue: Rely on the Experts

McCue has been on the cutting edge of asset protection and damage prevention in the retail and material handling sectors since 1988. We combine idea-driven solutions with unparalleled customer support. You won’t find products like ours anywhere else on the market. That’s why some of the biggest names in retail trust us to protect their business.

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