Think it's just a pipe in the ground? Think Again.

CrashCore Bollard

CrashCore’s ASTM F3016 certification proves it can stop a 5,000lb vehicle traveling up to 30mph, but it’s more than just a strong bollard — it’s a complete safety solution. CrashCore is super easy to install, has endless cover designs and keeps your people safe.

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  • F3016 Certified

    Anything that’s certified must be good, right? CrashCore is tested and proven to meet today’s safety standards and can stop a 5,000lb vehicle up to 20mph.

  • We Make It Easy

    Its shock-absorbing core takes on the initial impact energy, allowing the CrashCore Bollard to have a tiny underground footing making for a simple installation.

  • The Strong, Silent Type

    We use durable materials like stainless steel and a shock-diffusing core to ensure these bollards are more than just a pretty face. They’re easy on the eyes and ridiculously tough.

  • Meet Your Match

    Our bollards look nice, but we know you have your own style. Don’t worry — we got you. Our bollards can complement your brand’s look and feel.

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“Wanted to share with you the great job by McCue and install team, for doing an outstanding job installing the bollards at Lone Tree, CO. I stopped by the store early this morning and looks great! I believe these bollards will really help prevent any accidents to the store front.”

Senior Construction Project Manager


“There's an old saying that if you think safety is expensive, try an accident. Accidents cost a lot of money. And, not only in damage to plant and in claims for injury, but also in the loss of the company's reputation.”

Dr Trevor Kletz

"Precaution is better than cure.'

Edward Coke

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