McCue’s ASTM F3016 Crash-Tested Safety Bollards:

CrashCore Bollard

CrashCore’s ASTM F3016 certification proves it can stop a 5,000lb vehicle traveling up to 30mph, but it’s more than just a strong bollard — it’s a complete safety solution. CrashCore is super easy to install, has endless cover designs and keeps your people safe.

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meet the crashcore bollard

McCue’s strongest, crash-tested bollard — your total safety solution

crash tested

CrashCore can stop a 5,000 lb vehicle
traveling up to 30 mph per ASTM F3016.
Yeah, we’ve hit it.
See It In Action

easy to install

CrashCore has a simple core drill installation
— so simple you can install one in less than
an hour.
How It Works

sleek style

Why sacrifice style? Our endless selection of
cover design match any aesthetic without
compromising strength.
Cover Options

Product, Placement & Install — We do it all

One Core.
Endless Possibilities.

It’s every designer’s dream. Personalize CrashCore to meet your
unique taste and style without compromising strength.

Stainless Steel Cover
Our seamlessly brushed stainless steel gives you a contemporary look for your space.
Plastic Cover
We offer plastic options in any color or style — we’ve got you covered, literally.
Stainless Steel Safety Fence
The perfect solution for outdoor
CrashCore with Signage
Add a sign to our CrashCore Bollard for compliance and complete protection.

Your Complete Guide to McCue’s ASTM F3016 Crash-Tested Bollards!

McCue’s CrashCore Bollard is more than just a strong bollard — it’s a complete safety solution. Inside you’ll learn about:

  • The technology in our ASTM F3016 bollards
  • Best practices for safety bollard placement
  • The quick & easy installation process
  • The endless cover options to match your brand
“Wanted to share with you the great job by McCue and install team, for doing an outstanding job installing the bollards at Lone Tree, CO. I stopped by the store early this morning and looks great! I believe these bollards will really help prevent any accidents to the store front.”

Senior Construction Project Manager


“There's an old saying that if you think safety is expensive, try an accident. Accidents cost a lot of money. And, not only in damage to plant and in claims for injury, but also in the loss of the company's reputation.”

Dr Trevor Kletz

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