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CrashCore Bollard S20 Shallow

ASTM F3016 20mph Crash-Tested Safety Bollards

The CrashCore Bollard S20 is a crash-tested safe solution, meaning that we’ve actually crashed into it at a 3rd party testing lab with a 5,000lb vehicle (pickup truck) traveling at 20mph. It’s more than just a strong bollard — it’s a complete safety solution. The CrashCore Bollard S20 is super easy-to-install, has endless cover designs, and keeps your people safe. Get the peace of mind that your people are safe with CrashCore.

A Closer Look

McCue products are packed full of innovative – and in most cases patented – technology. With pride for designing solutions to solve difficult problems with practicality, our products combine engineered materials that work better together to get the job done. Not only do they work well, they look darn good too. Don’t let their clean appearances fool you – take a look inside and discover how they work!

Sleek Style

Our endless selection of cover designs will match any designer’s aesthetic


CrashCore Bollard S20 is ASTM F3016 3rd party certified to stop a 5,000 lb pickup truck traveling 20 mph.

Kitted System

We provide everything but the concrete – core, cover, rebar cage and hardware are all included.

Easy to Install

CrashCore Bollards have a simple shallow installation option — so simple you can install one in less than an hour.

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McCue CrashCore Safety Bollard Crash Testing
ASTM F3016 Tested

CrashCore Bollards are tested to an ASTM standard by a 3rd party ISO/IEC 17025 testing lab.

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Design Capabilities

One Core. Endless Possibilities.
It’s every designer’s dream. Personalize CrashCore to meet your unique taste and style.

CrashCore can be customized just for you. Have a unique design in mind? We’re all ears! CrashCore’s strength comes from what’s inside, so no matter how you cover it, our bollards will keep your people safe — and look darn good doing it.

Putting Our Products to Work

Our products are the safety building blocks for your facility – they’re modular and super easy to configure for a variety of uses. Take a look at a few ways our customers put our products to work. Have something else in mind? We’re all ears. That’s why we design with flexibility in mind. Connect with our safety experts today to bring your vision to life!

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