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Pedestrian with CrashBarrier

Shock-Absorbing Pedestrian Protection Barrier with Added Low Level Barrier

Add Crash Barrier to our modular Pedestrian Barrier to get a shock-absorbing barrier system designed to safely separate your material handling vehicles and your people — with added ground level stopping power! Its rails are like high-strength rubber bands, flexing on impact to safely stop the vehicle. Its secret? Its strength comes from ductile iron components paired with industrial elastomers. The CrashBarrier installs directly on the concrete floor, adding lower-level pedestrian protection against stray forks and pallets.

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A Closer Look

McCue products are packed full of innovative – and in most cases patented – technology. With pride for designing solutions to solve difficult problems with practicality, our products combine engineered materials that work better together to get the job done. Not only do they work well, they look darn good too. Don’t let their clean appearances fool you – take a look inside and discover how they work!

Pedestrian Protection

Our three rail design flexes like a rubber band to safely stop impacts while keeping people behind the barrier safe

Even More Stopping Power

The additional lower rail provides more stopping power and greater protection from incidents like fork intrusions

Stopping Power from Iron Core

Cast ductile iron core paired with shock-asborbers anchors flexible polymer rails for even more strength

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Engineered for Strength. Designed to Save Lives.

Working with McCue, you get the peace of mind that our solutions work because each one undergoes rigorous testing. Third-party lab tests, empirical testing, architectural tests, material composition, corrosion resistance, UV stability — we put our products through the harshest environments to prove they work. Taking the guesswork out of product performance and testing — that's what we do.

Putting Our Products to Work

Our products are the safety building blocks for your facility – they’re modular and super easy to configure for a variety of uses. Take a look at a few ways our customers put our products to work. Have something else in mind? We’re all ears. That’s why we design with flexibility in mind. Connect with our safety experts today to bring your vision to life!

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