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OSHA Standards for Warehouse Racking

The standards that the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) sets for warehouse racking are intended to foster a safe working environment. Improper racking, stacking and shelving can be a huge liability for your company if it leads to an accident. If your warehouse does not comply with OSHA regulations, you may risk receiving a fine—or worse.


OSHA Requirements for Warehouse Pallet Storage Safety

  • 176(a): “Where mechanical handling equipment is used, sufficient safe clearances shall be allowed for aisles, at loading docks, through doorways and wherever turns or passage must be made. Aisles and passageways shall be kept clear and in good repair, with no obstruction across or in aisles that could create a hazard. Permanent aisles and passageways shall be appropriately marked.”
  • 176(b): “Storage of material shall not create a hazard. Bags, containers, bundles, etc., stored in tiers shall be stacked, blocked, interlocked and limited in height so that they are stable and secure against sliding or collapse.”
  • 176(c): “Storage areas shall be kept free from accumulation of materials that constitute hazards from tripping, fire, explosion, or pest harborage. Vegetation control will be exercised when necessary.”

These three standards address some of the most common concerns about pallet racking and storage, as well the operating space that is necessary for forklifts to safely maneuver. Not following these protocols can result in injury and even death. OSHA’s regulations keep these risks at bay so that you and your employees can work in a safe environment.

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