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Retail Store Safety Checklist

Is your retail store safe for employees and customers? Maintaining an environment that protects visitors helps prevent costly accidents and limits liability. There are potential risks in every retail environment, many of which are overlooked. Use the following information to make a safety checklist for your business.


Why Do Retail Businesses Need Inspection Checklists?

Any store property—including the parking lot—is a potential area for an accident. And they can be costly. Retail stores can be held liable for injuries that occur and must pay for damaged company assets.

Here are a few items retail store managers should add to their safety checklists.


  • Inspect the parking lot for damaged pavement, uneven sidewalks, and other tripping hazards.
  • Ensure there is adequate exterior lighting.
  • Have a designated area for returning shopping carts. Cart corrals encourage customers to put carts in the proper place.
  • Define pedestrian areas and walkways.
  • Protect your storefront and sidewalks with bollards so vehicle traffic steers clear.


  • Keep a first aid kit handy in case customers or employees get hurt.
  • Make sure lighting is adequate.
  • Install proper emergency exit signage.
  • Eliminate tripping hazards.
  • Keep floors clean and dry.
  • Protect walls, doors, shelving, and other store equipment with wall guards or corner guards.
  • Provide child-friendly shopping carts that reduce the risk of falls.

How McCue Improves Retail Store Safety

From wall guards and corner protectors to shopping cart corrals and kid-friendly shopping cart designs, McCue has solutions for retail stores looking to protect customers, personal property, and store assets. Here are a few of our products:

Cart corrals prevent shopping carts from rolling into vehicles. We offer several styles designed to keep store property organized and contained.

BumperSigns are sturdy enough to take a hit without falling over, prevent damage to customer property and help ensure you are adhering to your state’s ADA compliance standards.

FlexCore bollards are easy to install and move. They protect pedestrian areas from dangerous vehicle traffic. They flex and spin upon impact, so cars and trucks don’t take damage like they would from a traditional concrete or steel bollard.

The Bean shopping cart is not only fun for children, but it also is safer than traditional carts. Every year children are injured from falls, including in retail stores. Our carts mitigate these hazards.

Protect walls and store equipment from bumps and bruises with wall guards and corner protectors. Not only are well-maintained stores safer, but they also encourage return business.

These are just a few of our solutions that should be part of your retail store safety checklist. Contact us for a quote today!