Flexible Sign Post Bases

When you install flexible sign post bases from McCue in your parking lot, you can rest assured that they’ll always stand tall—even when they take a hit. Available in several colors, our BumperSigns™ are easy to see, easy to install and won’t get damaged if bumped. Designate any parking spot with a post that lasts.

Benefits of Using Flexible Sign Post Bases from McCue

Cars run into sign posts all of the time. They’re a pain to maintain and costly to replace. Our own field research revealed that a majority of traditional parking lot sign posts were bent and covered with scratches and rust. And they can damage customer vehicles and the surrounding asphalt and concrete.

Our BumperSigns solve these problems. By installing a flexible sign post base, you can rest easy knowing it can take a hit and keep standing. And there’s no maintenance or repainting required. Our signs are:

  • Innovative – With a pliable base that can easily install into concrete or asphalt, your sign will bend in the direction of impact. This mitigates damage to the offending vehicle, the parking lot surface and the sign itself.
  • Adjustable – The height of the sign can be adjusted to remain ADA compliant across the United States. So not only will you have a sign that is aesthetically pleasing and practical, but one that accommodates all customers.
  • Attractive – Did we mention they look way better, too? Choose black, gray or ADA blue.

Flexible Sign Post Base

Trust the Pros in Retail Asset Protection

Whether you’re marking a space for takeout pick-up, time limits or accessible parking, McCue has the sign for you. Contact us today to learn how a flexible sign post base can be a cost-effective way to keep your customers safe in the parking lot.

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Did you know that there are 23,000 on the job injuries every day, in the United States alone? Or that damage from forklift collisions often requires multiple, expensive repairs?

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