Food Lion is a king among grocery chains in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions where it operates about 1,200 supermarkets under the Food Lion, Bottom Dollar, and Harveys banners. About half of the company's stores are in the Carolinas, but it also has outlets in 10 other states, including Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee. Food Lion, which prides itself on low prices, so saving money on maintenance is a big deal.

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Food Lion is an avid user of core drilled bollards for protecting the front of their stores. Over the years they have used outside contractors to repaint/refresh rusting bollards that have sustained impacts. To their surprise, Food Lion discovered they were repainting bollards two times a year per remodeled store at an average cost of $1,000 per visit. With an average remodel schedule of 35 stores per year, Food Lion was spending about $70,000 per year in bollard maintenance.

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After careful review, McCue proposed the use of CartStop Bollard Post Covers for all Food Lion remodels. The bollard post covers are made from impact-resistant polypropylene, are commonly recyclable, and best of all...maintenance-free! Since installing McCue Bollard Post Covers on every outdoor bollard, Food Lion has not had to repaint a single bollard. Satisfaction achieved!

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Financial Impact: At cost of $280.00 per store, Food Lion realized a savings of $720.00 per store in bollard maintenance costs. Saving them over $50,000 annually during remodels.

Customer Impact: According to customers, the store front looked newer and more attractive. They also stated that the bollards were a lot easier to see, especially at dusk and night time hours.

Brand Impact: All bollard post covers are recyclable and help provide a safe working and shopping environment for Food Lions employees and customers - which is a key component of their corporate responsibility statement. Plus the safety yellow matches their corporate color scheme.