WinCo Foods Inc. is a warehouse-type grocery chain with 43 stores in five western states: Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada. WinCo's goal is to be the low-price leader in every area they serve. The company began in 1967 with one store under the name of Waremart. In 1999, Waremart changed its name to WinCo.

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WinCo Foods had notified us that the 1” Flexible Bumper on their checkout stands was coming off. They were about ready for the grand opening of several new stores, and could not determine why the bumper was coming loose. They needed a solution - and fast.

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We sent a McCue representative to Arizona, Nevada, and Washington to see first-hand what the problem was - and propose a solution. After careful examination, it was discovered that the same problem plagued each fixture - the bumper was not fully attached to the base by the store fixture manufacturer. We immediately called the fixture manufacturer to schedule a visit and examine their bumper and installation process. After meeting with the builders/installers, we were able to train them on a better technique to properly install the flex bumper to ensure that the top stayed engaged to the base track on corners and radiuses.

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Financial Impact: Now that the fixture manufacturer is well trained on the proper installation of McCue Flex bumper, WinCo will not have further issues with the bumper coming off the checkout stands and will not incur the cost of future on-site repairs due to improper installation.

Customer Impact: All of WinCo’s checkout stands look clean, fresh and inviting.

Brand Impact: Properly installed McCue Bumper blends into the fixture design and looks like a seamless part of the aesthetic design scheme of the front end department.